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NEW – 12.7mm Dshk Heavy Weapon Simulator – What is a heavy weapon simulator?

A Heavy Weapon Simulator is a battlefield effect to provide a visual and audible sustained fire effect on military training exercises. Predominantly used by RED forces or Opposing forces. This is not a weapon. It does not fire any projectiles. It does not

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Multi Agency Surveillance Training – What is a Surveillance Simulator?

Surveillance – The close observation of a subject or subjects of interest allegedly involved in acts of Terrorism or Criminality.

A surveillance simulator allows qualified surveillance instructors to safely demonstrate and teach enhanced surveillance training tactics, techniques and procedures in a classroom environment.

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ISR Simulation – What does ISR mean?

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance- ISR. ISR simulation is the provision of simulated full motion video from sensors that are fitted to UK or Allied air assets, both manned and unmanned, fixed wing or rotary aircraft. Why is this so popular in the UK?

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Medical Simulation – What is medical simulation training?

With the increased demand of providing managed services we are continuously innovating to keep training relevant and …. When presented with the challenge of creating a complex injury and gunshot wound to face, we firstly need to understand why we are being asked

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