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JTAC training for 3 Commando Brigade

3 Commando Brigade’s JTACs have just completed an intense period of accredited simulation training with Nautilus International. 29 Commando newly Certified JTACs were able to utilise the Cobra system working through their Post Certificate Consolidation Syllabus (PCCS). 17 of the PCCS’s 19 serials, as contained in the JSP 918 Part 1 Directive, can be achieved on an accredited simulator. 29 Cdo JTACs already certified and qualified were able to conduct continuation training helping to maintain currency through the winter. Gaining accredited controls in the UK is often difficult due to inclement weather and availability of live aircraft. Brigade TACP were also put through their paces in a simulated Ops room environment provided by Nautilus linked to the Cobra system. The TACP’s were able to train, practice and test their ability in providing Pre-Fires, Airspace Control Management (ACM), control of the stack as well as, battle track munition expenditure. With the Video Downlink (VDL) direct into the Ops room, online chat windows to develop and plan ACM and communicate to the JTAC via Harris Radios. 29 Cdo were able to rehearse joint fires support and integration at Brigade level without leaving the Royal Citadel.

148 (Meiktila) Forward Observation Battery, Royal Artillery has a specialist role within 3 Commando Brigade. As well as co-ordinating Close Air Support, artillery and mortar fire they are responsible for the integration of Naval Gunfire Support in line with their commanders’ intent. The Battery hold a number of insertions skills, through the Nautilus simulator, 148 were able to conduct JTAC mission rehearsal for various types of operations. These complex scenarios were designed in close co-operation with the Formation SupFAC, these scenarios not only tested the JTAC but also provided accredited currency controls allowing the individual to maintain readiness status.

By delivering training to 3 Commando Brigade in the final quarter of the year, Nautilus International has successfully delivered Tri Service, JTAC/Joint Fires SME simulation training to UK MoD Land, Airborne and Amphibious forces.