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NEW – 12.7mm Dshk Heavy Weapon Simulator – What is a heavy weapon simulator?

A Heavy Weapon Simulator is a battlefield effect to provide a visual and audible sustained fire effect on military training exercises. Predominantly used by RED forces or Opposing forces. This is not a weapon. It does not fire any projectiles. It does not leave any brass or link. It does not require cleaning. It is environmentally friendly. This 12.7mm Dshk heavy weapon simulator can be remotely activated from 2KM away or it someone can sit behind it acting as RED forces.

Why did we make this? During most military, land based, training exercises involving soldiers on the ground there will always be a RED force that the friendly forces are ‘fighting’ against. The RED forces are usually soldiers from another military unit who are not known to the soldiers who are being exercised. The RED forces are effectively acting as enemy forces. The acting enemy forces may dress differently but invariably the weapon systems they will be using will be the same or very similar to the friendly forces. This is a bit of a giveaway at times, as when dealing with FOR REAL enemy they are not usually mooching about with SA80’s or 0.50 CAL machine guns. Hell no! The enemies weapon of choice is the the good old AK47 and all of it’s variants. And when the enemy bring out the BIG GUNS, they typically roll with vehicle mounted 12.7mm DShk’s. So, in answer to the question, why did we build this, you can see where we are coming from. Exercising troops need to be able to identify what they are up against, take cover and learn how to deal with it fast. The Dshk simulator provides both the visual and audible sustained fire effect in abundance.

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