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JTAC support for Exercise Terminal Strike

Nautilus has just returned from Scotland after supporting 16 Air Assault Brigade (AAB) and the RAF Regiments Air Land Integration (ALI) Cell, on Terminal Strike (TS) 17-2.  The deployable Cobra screen and VBS3 simulator can be assembled in less than two hours to deliver accredited JTAC training. 16 AAB and the ALI teams were able to rotate through live OP’s and the simulator over the two week period. By locating Nautilus’s simulator at Kinloss Barracks, JTACs were able to optimise training time during the Scottish Autumn no matter what the weather.

With no live helicopter support on TS 17-2, JTAC’s were able to practice Helicopter Assault Force (HAF) Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) in the simulator. This vital skill in airborne operations brought into sharp focus the complexity of multi asset, multi sensor controlling. 16 AAB and the ALI Cell were taught how to utilise pre-target soak from the MQ9 Reaper, experienced first-hand the sensory deprivation of a CH47 Chinook infill and how best to employ the armed escort from AH64 Apache’s. During the assault JTAC’s were integrating fast air, indirect fires, at the same time co-ordinating Casualty Evacuations. This full mission rehearsal was achieved under the guidance of the JTACI/E’s and Nautilus SME’s to ensure that crucial phrase could be sent “Ground Commanders intent has been met”.

The initial week had seen both teams complete Type 2 and 3 controls incorporating FMV, LTD, Rotary and Non-permissive environment currencies, with a number of controllers achieving annual evaluations.