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Nautilus delivers simulation training to 1 Artillery Brigade

Nautilus International delivered simulation training to 1 Artillery Brigade (1 Arty Bde) JTAC’s and JTAC-Instructors (I) at Larkhill over a 5 day period in May. Using the JALO, US & NATO accredited Cobra Simulator and VBS3, 1 Arty Bde were able to conduct Type 2 and 3 controls from both Fixed and Rotary Wing platforms. Utilising the Form, Fit and Function emulated JTAC equipment (LF28 LTD, PLRF25, IZLID Ultra and Harris 7800Tdownlink) that is an integral part of the simulator. JTAC’s achieved ‘Post Certificate Consolidation’ training in: Laser Control, Remote Observer, Video Downlink, Low Level and night TTP’s. The more experienced Controllers were able to maintaining their ‘Qualified Status’ whilst being challenged in complex multiple assets, Joint Fires environments. All of this was achieved under the watchful eye of the Bde’s JTAC- Evaluators (E), enabling 1 Arty Bde to meet their 12 month Currency and Management requirements in line with the JSP 918 Directive.

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