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  • VBS3 Simulation

  • JTAC Training

  • Medical Simulation & Mass Casualty Training

  • Battlefield Simulation FX

  • Weapon Environment Simulation Systems

  • Civil Nuclear Simulation & Crisis Management Training

  • COP Manager & Tracking

Synthetic environment training is when elements of military and civilian organisations are exercised in a virtual (a simulation involving real people operating simulated systems) environment without having the full expense of deploying costly live assets such as aerial fixed or rotary wing aircraft. This gives the distinct advantage of undertaking exercises in a vast number of scenarios, whereby team leaders or duly authorised persons are put under simulated pressure to manage a crisis, make informed decisions and take decisive actions in a safe simulated environment.

Standard operating procedures can be regularly and safely rehearsed to great effect. Large scale operations or crisis management training exercises can be undertaken for a fraction of the cost of a full deployment or draw upon resources into a training exercise. In order that the cross spectrum of training delivery can be achieved, it is essential that Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) support can be provided, so the decision making process can be tested. Due to inclement weather, un-serviceability of organic ISR air assets and cost, Synthetic Training can fulfil many requirements such as:

      • Accredited Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training
      • Commanders decision making and selection process
      • Pattern of life and general activity
      • Overt and covert ISR situational awareness representation
      • Terrain modelling and scripting
      • CCTV feeds and social media simulation

Our administrators have a plethora of VBS operational experience, which enables us to fully understand your requirements and be able to replicate that into challenging simulated scenarios. This experience coupled with a multitude of in-house improvements, and paired with tracking for units on the ground, enables us to provide unparalleled live simulation to meet any requirement.

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We have successfully had our deployable Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) simulator accredited by UK FACSTANEVAL, US Joint Fire Support Executive Steering Committee and NATO, to the following standards:

      • Type 2 Controls
      • Type 3 Controls
      • Day
      • Night
      • FMV
      • Laser
      • Joint Fires Co-Ordination

Using the deployable, highly portable Nautilus COBRA JTAC screen, VBS3 and VBS Fires FST software, Nautilus are providing a new, unrivalled capability in the UK. Using Form, Fit and Function emulated JTAC equipment, such as the LF28 LTD, PLRF25, IZLID Ultra and Harris Communications 7800HH radios with 7800T downlink receivers and Digitally Aided CAS (DACAS), the system can be fully set up and ready for use within 2 hours. All of the JTAC simulation scenarios and terrain are based on real world locations, both in the UK and overseas. This allows the qualified JTAC to train in a realistic and demanding, simulated environment.

We have been working tirelessly with our suppliers Cobra Simulation, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, SimCentric, Virtual Simulation Systems and Harris Communication Systems, to provide this very unique capability to JTACs in the UK. This will allow JTAC training to be conducted in almost any location and will enable re-qualification, maintain JTAC skill sets and ultimately, significantly reduce training overheads.

We are currently providing simulated JTAC training support to a large number of UK MoD JTACs, including 1 Artillery Brigade and 29 Commando Royal Artillery and have recently supported JTAC Concentrations which included JTACs from the UK, US, France, Norway and Canada. We have also provided JTAC simulation training to the Bahrain Royal Guard JTACs.

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We provide medical simulation services in the form of a state of the art patient simulator called SimMan 3G Trauma, live actors, simulated Simbodies and Simbody parts.

SimMan 3G Trauma can display the signs and symptoms of any trauma-related injury including most neurological and physiological signs. SimMan was designed to deliver the most advanced realistic medical training possible and is cutting edge technology. Used extensively by Military, NHS, Emergency services and other first responders, SimMan 3G brings unrivalled medical simulation to any kind of exercise requiring medical training, evaluation and re-validation. SimMan 3G was designed to work in harsh hostile environments and is the perfect choice for Road Traffic Collisions, Mass Casualty events, Blunt Trauma, Blast, IED, Gun Shot Wounds and CBRN environments.

SimMan is available for hire in the UK or overseas and comes with a fully trained technician. SimMan is able to test all elements of a medical response team, from the point of injury (Patrol Medic/Paramedic) through to the method of casualty evacuation (Helicopter/Ambulance) and beyond towards the field hospital or NHS Accident & Emergency department and ultimately into the operating theater. SimMan can be used for very basic training, first person on scene, airway management through to CPR including training or testing fully qualified Paramedics in performing life saving roadside surgical procedures.

Live actors are used to provide casualty simulation whereby one or more of the casualties need to be present. Live actors in conjunction with special effects make-up and fake blood products, can be made up to represent traumatic amputations, massive hemorrhaging or present other specific injuries. Bookings can be made through the website or by contacting our medical simulation manager directly.

Simbodies or simulation body parts are used to further enhance medical training by complementing the use of live actors and SimMan 3G. Mass casualty incidents, exercises or events, with large numbers of fatalities, typically require simulation bodies and simulated body parts. Live actors are replaced with Simbodies or Simbody parts whereby prolonged periods of time are required for casualties to lay on the ground until the event is brought under control. Simbodies or Simbody parts are inexpensive to hire and deliver mass casualty affects without the costly welfare issues associated with utilising a live actor. For more information please contact us!

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Battlefield Simulation FX  is extensively used to replicate sounds, IED’s, RPG, mortar and heavy weapon gunfire.

During high profile law enforcement and military training exercises, both in the UK and overseas, these devices additionally produce safe to use indoor, muzzle flashes, smoke effects and sensory smells. Blank ammunition or pyrotechnics natures are not required reducing HAZMAT transportation, magazine requirement near the exercise area hugely reducing cost to the end user. Environmentally friendly operation leaves no empty cases or cylinders on the exercise area.

The remotely controlled IED simulators are primarily used to enhance exercises to simulate opposing forces and are a fraction of the cost of what it would take to employ, make and deploy small explosive charges, reducing risk to exercise personnel. They are also repetitive and can be fired hundreds of times on one refillable cylinder. The heavy weapon simulator is remotely operated and provides visual, audible and muzzle flash effects for 3 different weapon systems and it can fire bursts or single shot without the need to transport on UK roads and be controlled and accounted for in an armoury.

      • Remotely Operated IED, RPG, Mortar, Heavy Weapon, Smoke & Sound
      • Significant reduction in exercise overhead training costs
      • Safe to use indoors
      • Environmentally friendly

The RF sound box simulators can play multiple sound files, such as public announcement system evacuation or fire alarm warnings and sirens, crowds of people, dogs barking and aircraft with the ability to easily add custom audio files depending on the user requirement. Used in conjunction with other battlefield simulation effects, these provide additional realism to exercise training environments. Add Sim Bodies or SimMan for scenes of a major incident or mass casualty event.

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The VIPER Firearms Training System offers a high quality training capability either on or off range, with the ability to fire Live, Simunition/Paint or Laser at Virtual Reality software. 

Whilst there are many ways to train and review firearm handling many expect it to fit the needs of the world wide security community. That is obviously not possible, as different cultures have different understandings of different situations. Rules of Engagement differ around the world, and training systems, laser and live fire have to be totally adaptable.

Why would you start using VIPER?

Adaptable – Fast set up and configuration; use it anytime and everywhere – there is no absolute need for dedicated training areas, use it in the classroom or even at home.

Cost-efficiency – Train more frequent without having to arrange dedicated training areas using the simulation weapon systems.

What can you do with VIPER?

Within the training system package there are 5 different programs to choose from. 

Skills Drill – Basic marksmanship and judgmental training for both new recruits and experienced officers.

Qual X – Up to 4 shooters on a single screen with custom qualification courses that are easily created for up to 50 meters. Lighting conditions, speed and size of the target can all be adjusted by the instructor. 

KD Range – Known Distance Range is an outdoor range that allows students to shoot out to longer distances. 

INTERVID – The judgmental branching video program that allows students to not only play scenarios from the extensive supplied library but also create training scenarios with the easy to use editor. 

MoverX – Human figures and traditional paper targets can be programmed to move from left to right or right to left at varying speeds. 

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Working and in partnership with Civil Nuclear Decommissioning Agency and their suppliers, whom deliver civil Nuclear sites into care and maintenance. Nautilus provides OFQUAL accredited crisis management training and 3D CAD models of Nuclear facilities within leading simulation software to create CCTV simulated environments.

This enables table top or regulator witnessed high profile training exercises to take place, whereby any conceivable threat can be realistically simulated, without the costly need for multiple exercise participants. This significantly enhances current capabilities whilst dramatically reducing costs enabling a high degree of crisis management confidence and approval in front of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

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The COP (Common Operating Picture) manager is the central hub for viewing, managing and tracking a variety of beacon data from a wide range of sources (see below for a list of already supported device manufacturers).The platform is based around a webpage with secure access and transport via individual client Logins, restricted profiles together with all information transferred over a HTTPS connection to a standard web browser, ensuring end-to-end security.

Other services are available such as a Direct VPN access tunnel and an independent COP platform hosting if the client requires more security features.

SHELL COP Features

      • Secure login portal using an industry standard SSL link with a backend server hosted in a LIST-X and LIST-N establishment.
      • Easy to use and intuitive interface
      • Powerful report features. Generate reports for Distance, Stops, Time and Geofence boundary entry/exits.
      • Geofences, Alerts and command control options available
      • Multiple mapping overlays including Google, Bing, Ordnance Survey
      • Mobile friendly webpage viewer option

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