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Medical Simulation launched

Nautilus are pleased to announce the launch of a new medical simulation technology, in the form of a high fidelity simulation mannequin, called SimMan 3G Trauma. SimMan significantly enhances medical training for the Defence, Emergency Services and other first responders by simulating the exact clinical signs and symptoms for a multitude of injuries.

This new capability not only tests the first person on scene Patrol or Para Medic at the point of injury, including other emergency services, also the medically trained persons who evacuate the casualty back to a hospital environment. SimMan can be used in any outdoor scenario or mass casualty event, through to Road Traffic Collisions requiring extraction or in a Accident & Emergency treatment room. SimMan 3G is available to hire and comes with a medically fully trained technician.

For more information get in touch!

Enquire directly with our med sim manager Chris Rowland