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Ultra HD Projector for JTAC Training

To complement and increase the current MOD JTAC training, Nautilus has invested in Sony’s Ultra High Definition projectors and provides the latest in display technology. This enables the JTAC to positively identify objects within simulated environments contained in VBS3 with ultra realism.

New 4K standard + 60 frames per second – The projector can show up to 60 frames per second at 4K . This new 4K industry standard has much higher detail than the earlier 24p; the result is a smoother image with superior colour and realism.

Advanced SXRD panels – 4K digital drive panels minimise the space between pixels with an incredible response rate of 2.5 milliseconds. This is much faster and more stable than an LCD TV, producing ultra-smooth, dot-free pictures with natural, fluid movement – whatever the action.

Triluminos Display – The projectors’ optical engine and SXRD panels incorporate Sony Triluminous Display technology to produce a much broader colour range, reproducing more tones and textures than a standard projector system. The result is greater purity, depth and realism.

The Sony HD Projector brings Nautilus one step closer to a fully accredited Cobra Curved Display JTAC simulator.