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Judgemental Weapon Training Simulator VirTra V300 – What is a Judgemental Trainer & Who would use this World Leading Technology?

The VirTra V-300® is the ultimate standard for decision-making simulation and tactical firearms training for Military and Armed Law Enforcement Officers.  4K UHD short throw projection onto five screens and a 300-degree immersive training environment ensure that time in the simulator translates into real-world survival skills.

Excellent day spent with team VirTra and THE subject matter expert and former veteran James, in Paris, France recently. The VirTra V-300® Judgemental Training System, set up in all its glory, is indeed an impressive sight. After a detailed walkaround, presentation of the technology and insight into the future roadmap, followed a series of very slick capability demonstrations.

Weaponry used on the day included a Glock 17 pistol and Colt C4 carbine rifle with the patented VirTra Tetherless CO2 Recoil Kits housed inside instead of the working parts of the weapon . The V-300® system is not confined to these weapon types either and comes with vast array of other weapon systems.

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The V-300® has so many applications, persons who are trained in the use of lethal and non-lethal force, will definitely not be disappointed by its multiple applications. Add into the equation the consequence of hesitation to use lethal or non-lethal force, or failure to deliver to the required validation standards, brings the penalty of pain via the VirTra Threat-Fire™ shock system. Indecisive action will certainly elevate your senses, as will the surround sound audio!

Failure to act quickly in the real world could be the difference between life and death

Introduction of pre-programmed stoppages or as the directing staff instructor sees fit, will absolutely focus your attention and help keep you on top of your respective weapon handling skills. Creating scenarios specific to your respective training objectives takes place within VirTra’s intuitive V-Authoring application. Background static spherical JPEGS or dynamic 360 panoramic video scenes are recorded and added with ease. Pre-recorded ‘green screen’ live actors, are all drag and drop into the judgemental training software allowing for Instructor lead, dynamic and very challenging scenarios.

Live actors recorded in front of a green screen, brings the cinematic HD footage to life within the V300 Judgemental Trainer

As a veteran of 14 years and having worked within industry for 14 years, I have kept a very watchful eye on this technology. Undoubtedly the VirTra V-300®Judgemental Trainer is light years ahead of anything else I have ever seen, tried or bought. Legacy systems embedded at UK MOD sites do not compare with this leading technology. Very much looking forward to seeing the reactions of serving colleagues within UK MOD, Armed Police Forces and OGD’s as and when this capability stands tall in the UK. The brave men and women, whom daily put themselves in harms way! 24/7 – 365, not only deserve the best they demand it. Providing the best training tools available to these consummate professionals, its what keeps us all safe and enables the daily outputs we all see.

The VirTra V-300® takes an untethered leap forward in the technology stakes, which is why we are partnered with VirTra. Nautilus are the only UK Reseller of this technology within the UK.

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