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New Fully Accredited JTAC 240° Dome – Type 1, 2 & 3

In partnership and close coordination with the team at Holovis International, Nautilus International Risk Consultants have successfully gained full JALO accreditation using the Holovis International JTAC 240° Dome. The 4M JTAC 240° dome is fully accredited to perform the following control types in accordance with the JTAC Currency Requirements:

  • Type 1, 2 & 3
  • BOC.
  • Fixed & Rotary Wing
  • Night.
  • Laser.
  • IR Pointer.
  • Video Downlink Link.
  • Low Level.

The accredited JTAC 240° Dome incorporates a hard shell 4M seamless dome with a 3 channel visual display system. Holovis’ Pix-control auto-alignment software fine tunes the warp and blend. Nautilus provided SME JTAC Pilot’s and JTAC specific emulated equipment as part of the overall solution. The Nautilus LF28 Laser Target Designator, PLRF 25 Laser Range Finder and untethered IZLID IR pointer. Nautilus also provided Harris Communications 152 Radios and downlink receivers including C2 Situational Awareness software, running on Android smart phones to allow for accurate target correlation. Software applications include the most recent versions of Bohemia Interactive Simulations VBS3, Bohemia’s very latest product VBS IG and SimCentric Technologies’s newest version of VBS Fires FST. The Holovis JTAC 240° dome enables qualified JTAC’s to operate and train in a complex environments, more importantly, the JTAC can train as they fight.

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