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Enhanced C4ISTAR Simulation Capabilities

As part of Nautilus Internationals commitment to innovative C4ISTAR simulation capabilities, we are pleased to announce further investment into 14 x Tactical training smartphone devices.

With the combined use of advanced simulation software applications and the Samsung Galaxy S7™ protected by the ruggedised Juggernaut™, military users will be able to tactically access simulation technologies. Integrated with the Nautilus Shell Common Operating Picture software application; military users can conduct precision targeting and Digitally Aided Close Air Support during Joint Fires Training exercises. The navigational tools and “on the man” Blue Force Tracking capability not only vastly improves Situation Awareness, it significantly improves the mission planning process. By enhancing our near real time multi-spectrum and multi-frequency tracking capabilities, combined with the ability to push simulated ISR down links Globally, Nautilus are taking significant leaps towards Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality simulations.

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