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NEW – 12.7mm Dshk Heavy Weapon Simulator – What is a heavy weapon simulator?

A Heavy Weapon Simulator is a battlefield effect to provide a visual and audible sustained fire effect on military training exercises. Predominantly used by RED forces or Opposing forces. This is not a weapon. It does not fire any projectiles. It does not leave any brass or link. It does not require cleaning. It is environmentally friendly. This 12.7mm Dshk heavy weapon simulator can be remotely activated from 2KM away …Read More

Battlefield Effects – What is battlefield simulation?

Nautilus provide state of the art Battlefield Effects (BattSimFX) Simulation, as managed services to the UK MOD. Battlefield simulation effects provide an accurate representation of sounds you would typically here in a war zone, such as gunfire, explosions, rocket propelled grenades, mortar fire and heavy weapon gunfire. During high profile military training exercises, both in the UK and overseas, BattSimFX are used extensively. All of our devices are safe to …Read More

New Heavy Weapon Machine Gun Simulator launched in the UK

Nautilus are pleased to introduce the Heavy Weapon Machine Gun Simulator The remotely operated heavy weapon machine gun simulator can audibly and visually replicate adjustable rates of gunfire. With three interchangeable barrels the HW-MGS can be remotely operated up to 800m away and realistically simulate both the sound and muzzle flash of .50 Calibre gunfire, 7.62mm and 5.56mm gunfire. The system is lightweight, back pack-able, man portable and can be …Read More

Atmospheric Sound Box Launched

The Atmospheric Sound Box Simulator – ASBS is a remotely operated sound system that can play sound files of any description, over radio frequency, up to 4KM away. Sound files such as dogs barking, fire alarms and sirens, crowded street noise or gunfire can all be simulated at the touch of a button. With an external USB 2.0 port any sound files can be quickly uploaded to produce the desired …Read More