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Medical Simulation – What is medical simulation training?

With the increased demand of providing managed services we are continuously innovating to keep training relevant and …. When presented with the challenge of creating a complex injury and gunshot wound to face, we firstly need to understand why we are being asked to re-create it. The answer you may ponder is obvious right? People get shot in the face all the time. Wrong, not in this country they do …Read More

Medical Simulation Emergency Scenario – How does simulation work?

Ask any rational person if they thought watching a staged emergency services shoot through the frost and ice of a crisp December morning was a good idea and you’d probably receive a resounding “no”. The obvious answer right?  Well there I was, still alive, at the aforementioned shoot and thankfully the temperature didn’t drop anywhere near -10 degrees. In truth, the opportunity to interview the Nautilus team and witness a …Read More

Medical Simulation Launched

Nautilus are pleased to announce the launch of a new medical simulation technology, in the form of a high fidelity simulation mannequin, called SimMan 3G Trauma. SimMan significantly enhances medical training for the Defence, Emergency Services and other first responders by simulating the exact clinical signs and symptoms for a multitude of injuries. This new capability not only tests the first person on scene Patrol or Para Medic at the …Read More