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Atmospheric Sound Box launched

The Atmospheric Sound Box Simulator – ASBS is a remotely operated sound system that can play sound files of any description, over radio frequency, up to 4KM away. Sound files such as dogs barking, fire alarms and sirens, crowded street noise or gunfire can all be simulated at the touch of a button. With an external USB 2.0 port any sound files can be quickly uploaded to produce the desired effect. The ASBS has 4 x omni-directional marine grade high powered speakers with integrated subwoofer. The ASBS is used in conjunction with the hand control unit which can operate sounds from up to 4000m away, line of sight. The ASBS is made from marine grade equipment and can work in extremes of temperature. On a full charge the self contained sound simulator can sit in idle mode for over 24hrs. In remote play mode operation the ASBS can run continuously for over an hour without any external power source connected. For all of enquiries regarding the ASBS please get in touch.