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Judgemental Weapon Training Simulator VirTra V300 – What is a Judgemental Trainer & Who would use this World Leading Technology?

The VirTra V-300® is the ultimate standard for decision-making simulation and tactical firearms training for Military and Armed Law Enforcement Officers.  4K UHD short throw projection onto five screens and a 300-degree immersive training environment ensure that time in the simulator translates into real-world survival skills. Excellent day spent with team VirTra and THE subject matter expert and former veteran James, in Paris, France recently. The VirTra V-300® Judgemental Training …Read More

ISR Simulation – What does ISR mean?

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance- ISR. ISR simulation is the provision of simulated full motion video from sensors that are fitted to UK or Allied air assets, both manned and unmanned, fixed wing or rotary aircraft. Why is this so popular in the UK? Simulated ISR is created using sophisticated software applications that exactly mimic operational air assets including their kinetic effects and duration on station. When providing simulated ISR it …Read More

Medical Simulation Emergency Scenario – How does simulation work?

Ask any rational person if they thought watching a staged emergency services shoot through the frost and ice of a crisp December morning was a good idea and you’d probably receive a resounding “no”. The obvious answer right?  Well there I was, still alive, at the aforementioned shoot and thankfully the temperature didn’t drop anywhere near -10 degrees. In truth, the opportunity to interview the Nautilus team and witness a …Read More

Battlefield Effects – What is battlefield simulation?

Nautilus provide state of the art Battlefield Effects (BattSimFX) Simulation, as managed services to the UK MOD. Battlefield simulation effects provide an accurate representation of sounds you would typically here in a war zone, such as gunfire, explosions, rocket propelled grenades, mortar fire and heavy weapon gunfire. During high profile military training exercises, both in the UK and overseas, BattSimFX are used extensively. All of our devices are safe to …Read More

VIPER Firearms Training System

The VIPER Firearms Training System offers a high quality training capability either on or off range, with the ability to fire Live, Simunition/Paint or Laser at Virtual Reality software. The system is currently being used by UK civil services and shortly the UK MOD. Nautilus International are working exclusively with Dann Developments in the UK and with Viper Software to provide these pioneering capabilities.