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New Heavy Weapon Machine Gun Simulator launched in the UK

Nautilus are pleased to introduce the Heavy Weapon Machine Gun Simulator The remotely operated heavy weapon machine gun simulator can audibly and visually replicate adjustable rates of gunfire. With three interchangeable barrels the HW-MGS can be remotely operated up to 800m away and realistically simulate both the sound and muzzle flash of .50 Calibre gunfire, 7.62mm and 5.56mm gunfire. The system is lightweight, back pack-able, man portable and can be vehicle or boat mounted. The system is quick and easy to setup, requiring minimal training.  With the small form factor of the HW-MGS, it will not draw any undue attention in its packaged state. The HW-MGS has been tested to work in a variety of temperature extremes. There are no firearms restrictions or regulations and it does not need to be stored securely. It can be safely transported, quick to setup and remotely operated with ease. It can fire 5-10 shots per second including single shots to replicate sniper fire. This innovative product is safe to upon exercises, whereby restrictions are in place regarding the use of blank ammunition or paint rounds, for example inside controlled locations that are normally used by the general public. The HW-MGS is environmentally friendly and runs off of a mixture of Propane and Oxygen. The HW-MGS leaves no traces of expended ammunition, paint rounds or gunpowder residue. It is extremely cost effective and provides excellent value for money when compared with blank or paint rounds. Each simulated gun fire shot costs less than 1p in consumables. The HW-MGS is ideally suited for training exercises involving multiple participants in either an indoor or outdoor location. For all of enquiries regarding the HW-MGS please get in touch.

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