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December 2017

JTAC Training – What does JTAC stand for?

Joint Terminal Attack Controller. 4 Regt Royal Artillery JTACs have just received another concentrated period of accredited JTAC training with Nautilus. Throughout the week, they conducted currency controls including Joint Fires, laser, night tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs), remote observer, full motion video (FMV) and rotary wing. The Certified JTACs were able to consolidate the training they have all received at JFACTSU, prior to their Certified and Qualified checks (CQ). …Read More

Battlefield Effects – What is battlefield simulation?

Nautilus provide state of the art Battlefield Effects (BattSimFX) Simulation, as managed services to the UK MOD. Battlefield simulation effects provide an accurate representation of sounds you would typically here in a war zone, such as gunfire, explosions, rocket propelled grenades, mortar fire and heavy weapon gunfire. During high profile military training exercises, both in the UK and overseas, BattSimFX are used extensively. All of our devices are safe to …Read More

JTAC training for 3 Commando Brigade

3 Commando Brigade’s JTACs have just completed an intense period of accredited simulation training with Nautilus International. 29 Commando newly Certified JTACs were able to utilise the Cobra system working through their Post Certificate Consolidation Syllabus (PCCS). 17 of the PCCS’s 19 serials, as contained in the JSP 918 Part 1 Directive, can be achieved on an accredited simulator. 29 Cdo JTACs already certified and qualified were able to conduct …Read More