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VBS Enhancements

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To extend our capabilities and enable efficient support for simulations we have created in-house tools to improve upon the foundations of VBS to give us greater control and efficiency.

Toolbox 2.0

brings many improvements to VBS’s functionality so that we are providing the best real-time accurate simulations to mimic real life. This allows us to do much more in an efficient manner such as grouping units into formations, getting in and out of vehicles with minimal time-consumption and a user interface for quick access to animations to make simulations and pattern of life come alive. This enables us to react and respond to real-life scenarios providing a 1-to-1 replication.

Bravo Builder

A very highly requested feature, Bravo Builder enables us to fully customise the clothing and accessories of avatars/units within VBS3. This is significant for teams to be able to positively identify targets as they are represented in real life. Closing the gap between whats simulated and whats occurring out in the field. This means not only are the buildings and terrains accurate to real life but the targets and victims are correctly represented to feed up command.