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Defence Simulation

Using the most advanced simulation technologies, Nautilus provides the most realistic simulated full motion video feeds of rotary or fixed wing aerial asset sensors, to deliver unrivalled exercise support. The simulations exactly replicate real sensors, which captures all activity within the field of view. The simulation systems are rapidly deployable and a fraction of the cost of using a live air asset. Using the same advanced simulation systems, we deliver JALO accredited Joint Terminal Attack Controller training.

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Medical Simulation

We provide medical simulation, training and mass casualty event services, in the form of state of the art patient simulators. SimMan 3G Trauma was specifically designed to train military and civilian emergency medical personnel in treating trauma situations, such as GSW and haemorrhage control. Live actors provides an additional layer of realism during any medical training casualty event, while realistic simulation bodies and simulated body parts delivers the effect of mass casualties.

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Civil Nuclear Simulation

Working with Civil Nuclear Decommissioning suppliers, Authorities and Regulators, whom deliver sites into care and maintenance, Nautilus provides Crisis Management Training, state of the art Simulation of perceived threats and 3D CAD modelling of Nuclear installations. The combined use of 3D CAD modelling and simulation for use within simulated CCTV or tabletop exercise environments. We also provide high risk lone worker and guard force or asset tracking solutions with secure remote access to an accredited server.

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Further VBS Improvements

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To further enhance and enable efficient support for simulations we have created our own in-house tools

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