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Surveillance Simulator

The Multi-Agency Surveillance Trainer (MAST) is a fully networked surveillance training system used by the UK MOD & Police Forces. The system provides a future proof and unrivalled capability in the UK, which allows students or trained surveillance operators to practise the art of both foot and mobile surveillance techniques. MAST was specifically designed to deliver an immersive experience based on a real UK city. An entire UK region has been painstakingly modelled in 3D CAD, including a complex road network and cleverly packaged into Unity 3D. MAST allows for up to 14 surveillance simulators to be simultaneously networked together irrespective of location in the world allowing for true multi-agency training to take place. MAST also allows users of the system to follow subjects of interest on foot using head mounted Virtual Reality goggles and an XBOX hand control unit. Users of this state of the art virtual surveillance simulator thought that this kind of technology was 5 years away. MAST is here and now and not waiting around for the future. If you would like more information on what MAST can do for your organisation please contact us via the button below.

  • Multi-Agency surveillance training system – used by UK MOD, Law Enforcement & Security Services
  • Multi-Player ready Suitable for professional training with multiple trainees in the same scenario
  • Managed Services Provision no need to own the capability. This is being delivered across the UK to multiple professional users.
  • Unity 3D game engine technology with Sim Leader AI controlled environment. Road networks created in Vector Zero Road Runner.

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