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Sound Box & IED Simulator

The atmospheric Sound Box & IED Simulator – SBIED is a RF remotely operated sound & IED simulator system that can play both sound files, of any description, with the additional benefit of also being an IED or Mortar fire simulator. The system can be operated remotely up to 4KM away with a clear line of sight.

Atmospheric sound files such as dogs barking in a compound, fire alarms, PA announcements or sirens, crowded street noise or gunfire can all be simulated and heard very loudly at the touch of a button. The SBIED adds realism to any exercise without the additional overheads live actors, ammunition, pyrotechnics and demolitions charges. The SBIED is environmentally friendly.

The SBIED simulator can be fired 100s of times from one small commercially available propane camping gas bottle. For indoor use a deflector exhaust is used for safety reasons. There are no firearms restrictions or regulations. It can be safely transported, quickly setup and remotely operated with ease. This innovative product is safe to use upon exercises, whereby restrictions are in place regarding the use of demolition charges, pyrotechnics, blank ammunition or paint rounds, for example inside controlled locations or venues that are normally only used by the general public.

The SBIED is made from marine grade equipment and is all-weather proof. On one full charge the self-contained sound simulator can sit in idle mode for over 24hrs. In remote play mode operation the SBIED can run continuously for over an hour without any external power source connected.

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