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SimMan 3G Trauma

SimMan 3G Trauma can display the signs and symptoms of any trauma-related injury including most neurological and physiological signs. SimMan was designed to deliver the most advanced realistic medical training possible and is cutting edge technology. Used by the Defence, NHS, Emergency services and other first responders, SimMan 3G brings unrivalled medical simulation to any kind of exercise requiring medical training, evaluation and re-validation. SimMan 3G was designed to work in harsh hostile environments and is the perfect choice for RTC, Mass Casualty, Blunt Trauma, Blast and CBRNE environments.

SimMan is available to rent in the UK or overseas and comes with a fully trained technician. SimMan is able to test all elements of the medical response teams from the point of injury (Patrol Medic/Paramedic) through to the method of casualty evacuation (Helicopter/Ambulance) on towards the field hospital or NHS Accident & Emergency department and into the operating theatre. SimMan can be used for very basic training, first person on scene, airway management through to CPR including training or testing fully qualified Paramedics in performing life saving roadside surgical procedures.

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