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SimBodies & SimBody Parts

SimBodies or SimBody parts are simulation bodies or body parts that are primarily used during multi-agency training exercises, whereby the effects of a major incident or mass casualties event is part of the exercise. SimBodies effectively are used in direct replacement for live actors and reduce the need for using employees as resources.

SimBodies can be supplied in adult Male/Female, child Male/Female and also as parts of bodies. Using state of the art special effects makeup, simulated wounds and environmentally friendly fake blood products, they can be made up to present with any number of imaginable injuries. SimBodies can remain in position in confined spaces or hazardous environments, at the point of injury until triaged, treated and evacuated from site into further emergency care. The bodies can be appropriately treated by qualified first responders from the very basics of putting them into a recovery position, to CPR and nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal adjuncts. SimBodies can be provided partially or fully clothed to client specification, they do not require any welfare and can remain at the point of injury for prolonged periods of time in all weather conditions. They can also be cannulated and intubated or present with traumatic amputations and significant hemorrhaging.

They are used extensively used by the Military, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services during National and Regional Counter Terrorist or multi agency crisis management training exercises. Sim Bodies are inexpensive to rent and are delivered as a managed service. SimBodies save significant amounts of money when compared with the expensive training and exercises costs of using live actors. SimBodies are also extensively used during the delivery of First Aid Training by our appropriately qualified Medical Training department.