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Atomic A3 Motion Simulator

The Atomic A3 ultra-compact motion simulator uses innovative patented technology, they produce stunning high fidelity motion detail and seriously powerful accelerations to provide a truly realistic experience.  Mind-blowing speeds of up to 71 degrees per second across a full 27-degree dual-axis movement range, combined with a staggering 64nm of torque, deliver a ‘big simulator’ feel superior to any other system of its size on the market today.

  • Multiple configurations available land, sea or air – using a steering wheel or a joystick, it’ll be configured to suit your requirements.
  • Groundbreaking mains-powered 2-DOF FULL MOTION SIMULATOR
  • Multiplayer ready Suitable for professional training with multiple trainees in the same scenario
  • Huge movement range, aggressive powerful feedback and high-fidelity motion simulate in-game G-forces to deliver a truly exhilarating and organic simulation experience
  • Ultra-compact, collapsible in seconds for transportation to anywhere in the UK
  • Extensive adjustability for different riders and driving positions. Reversible shifter and handbrake mounts to facilitate left or right hand drive layouts
  • VR ready for the ultimate in immersive training
  • Multi-screen wrap around to enable mixed reality training with real-world objects

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