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Introducing Battlefield FX

Nautilus managed Battlefield FX simulation are extensively used to replicate sounds, IED’s, RPG, mortar and heavy weapon gunfire.

During high profile law enforcement and military training exercises, both in the UK and overseas, these devices additionally produce safe to use indoor, muzzle flashes, smoke effects and sensory smells. Blank ammunition or pyrotechnics natures are not required reducing HAZMAT transportation, magazine requirement near the exercise area hugely reducing cost to the end user. Environmentally friendly operation leaves no empty cases or cylinders on the exercise area.

The remotely controlled IED simulators are primarily used to enhance exercises to simulate opposing forces and are a fraction of the cost of what it would take to employ, make and deploy small explosive charges, reducing risk to exercise personnel. They are also repetitive and can be fired hundreds of times on one refillable cylinder. The heavy weapon simulator is remotely operated and provides visual, audible and muzzle flash effects for 3 different weapon systems and it can fire bursts or single shot without the need to transport on UK roads and be controlled and accounted for in an armoury.

The RF sound box simulators can play multiple sound files, such as public announcement system evacuation or fire alarm warnings and sirens, crowds of people, dogs barking and aircraft with the ability to easily add custom audio files depending on the user requirement. Used in conjunction with other battlefield simulation effects, these provide additional realism to exercise training environments. Add Sim Bodies or SimMan for scenes of a major incident or mass casualty event.

  • Remotely Operated IED, RPG, Mortar, Heavy Weapon, Smoke & Sound
  • Significant reduction in exercise overhead training costs
  • Safe to use indoors
  • Environmentally friendly