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The Team

Nautilus boasts a breadth of knowledge spanning the military, maritime and technology sectors bringing together a pool expertise to provide the best products and services.

Tim Rees-Eggert

Managing Director

Veteran Royal Marine Commando of 14 years with a broad range of experience and skills in operating in extreme hostile environments including Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq. Tim founded and formed the company in May 2005, forging relationships with the Defence, Civil Nuclear, Law Enforcement and Security Services. As the Managing Director of the company Tim is responsible for business development, sales and marketing including strategic long term planning.

Patrick Green

Director of Operations and Training

A former Royal Marine Commando of 23 years. Pat conducted operations in a variety of extreme and hostile environments including, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. On leaving the services Pat joined Nautilus as 50% shareholder and has been with the company since August 2009. Pat is the Managing Director of Operations and Training who oversees the delivering of all projects. Responsibilities include resource, budgeting, quality control and implementing company policy.

Matthew Jones

C4ISTAR Manager

Having served 22 years in the RAF Regiment and finishing his career attached to the Royal Marines. An experienced JTAC and ISTAR SME, he has conducted operations in extremely hostile and demanding environments such as Northern Ireland, Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been commended by senior American military commanders for his actions on operations which reflected greatly upon the United Kingdom. Responsibilities include all simulation and UAS instruction, JTAC training, ISR training, project management and the development of C4ISTAR solutions.

Jon Gilbert

C2 Track Manager

On leaving the military in 2006, having served 23 years, Jon worked for several years as a consultant on various MoD Special Projects and within the Private Security Industry before joining Nautilus in February 2014. His responsibilities include on-site support, tracking and C2 related training.

Zak Lloyd

3D Modelling Artist

A 3D artist and a life-long fan of video games. Zak joined Nautilus shortly after he graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in Computer Games Technology. During his enrollment he created an interactive, virtual replica of HMS Clyde for use in Ministry of Defence synthetic training. He is responsible for modelling and texturing 3D assets, designing 2D graphics, editing video and assisting in all aspects of simulation.

John Sandford

3D Modelling Artist

A graduate of Bournemouth University and an experienced games industry artist, John brings a number of skills and experience into the simulation world to produce and support a variety of simulations and creates assets for all manners of simulation and business development. 

Dave Jones

C2 Track and Picture Manager

Dave served 10 years in the military as a telecommunications specialist. His responsibilities include on-site support, tracking and C2 related training.

Chris Rowland

Medical Simulation Manager

Serving in the Royal Marines and Royal Marine Reserves for 10 years, Chris has been on Operations in Afghanistan. Chris previously worked in the Maritime Security industry as a Team Leader completing numerous anti piracy transits in high risk areas. During that time he trained as an IHCD Ambulance Technician and Remote Area Medic qualifying in 2014 with South Western Ambulance Service after under taking his training in South Africa in 2012. Chris continues to maintain and add to his sound medical experience working with frontline ambulances in the South West of England.

Matthew Sydenham

Marine Engineer

Matt is a qualified Marine Electronics Engineer who had formerly worked within the marine industry for over 30 years. During this time Matt was involved in the commercial, leisure and defence marine electronics industry which involved supply, installations and repair. Matt‘s responsibilities include the management of special projects and the handling of suppliers to the company, COTS navigational training and assisting with the delivery of Nautilus services.

Sven Stones

Simulations Training Manager

After a successful 15-year career in the Royal Marines as a communications specialist, Sven brings a wealth of experience and has been involved in the trialing of new equipment for operations in hostile environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa, taken recruits through basic training and assessed and mentored individuals for the role of specialist communicator. His responsibilities include all aspects of Simulations, Training and asset tracking along with other Nautilus services.

Hannah Lockley

Office Administrator

Hannah is responsible for the Financial and Human Resources aspects of the business. Hannah works closely with both directors offering support to all Nautilus employees where required and ensuring the smooth running of day to day business services. Hannah has previously worked within the Maritime Industry as well as holding a strong administrative background.

Oliver Hunt

CIS Engineer

After working in the MoD environment for 8 years on a variety of Security and Defence Related projects. Graduated with a BEng in Electronics Engineering, now at Nautilus International, he is involved in IT Systems management, GPS Tracking, Research and Development and Simulation programming.

Taylor Revitt

3D Modelling Artist

A 1st Class graduate of Bournemouth University and an Architectural Visualisation artist, Taylor uses his knowledge and skills in a wide variety of post-production tools and experience with real time render engines to produce high specification models and assets for use in all manners of simulations.