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LACS Weapon Simulation

Project Description

The Laser Advanced Combat System (LACS) and LACS STOP is the most advanced firearms weapon simulation system available on the market today. LACS is designed for close quarter combat (CQC) training systems and long range sniping platforms for use by Military or Law Enforcement Agencies. Any rifle firearm and side arms are fitted with either double, sniper or single emitter Class 1, eye safe, variable beam dimension lasers. Made to fit on any type of firearm with a Picatinny rail, the firearms are fitted with a tether less recoil system. This system provides a highly effective, environmentally friendly (*no requirement for blank or paint munitions), force-on-force simulation training system. Using the patented, user configurable body worn LACS multiple sensors (up to 32 sensors) system, combined with the optional E-shock capability, each sensor is fitted with a microprocessor that gives a LED red visual and audible alerts, when targeted by another LACS opposing force user. Counter Terrorism and Maritime CT training exercises can now be conducted in any venue, anywhere, without leaving a trace of paint, blank round cartridges or gunpowder residue. This includes the use of Helo Sniping with proven ranges of out to 1000M in direct sunlight. The LACS system can also be provided as complete replica air soft weapon systems for both rifle and pistol, if not using actual firearms or side arms. It is also compatible with blank firing weapon attachments and blank firing rounds. The LACS STOP system has been designed specifically for use for Helo sniping in conjunction with moving or static ground based vehicles or persons wearing LACS sensors. The vehicle system audibly and visually indicates to the driver when and where the vehicle has been hit.

In conjunction with the front end laser advanced combat system, the back end Tactical Operational Centre (TOC) provides the essential de-briefing tool and comprehensive after action review. CQB and CQC Instructors are able to analyse the captured data and debrief firearms users fully, using the audio and video data, GPS tracking and shots fired by whom, when and where, to improve operating procedures, tactics and techniques in weapon proficiency.

LACS has revolutionised legacy simulation firearm or side arm weapon systems. LACS is being rolled out extensively across Europe, to specialist defence or law enforcement units now, in light of the most recent Terrorist related attacks.

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